Joel "Jubilee" Shambo

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Joel "Jubilee, Mwalimu, Headmaster" Shambo
Joel "Jubilee" Shambo.jpg
BornJoel Shambo
Known forCaptaining And Coaching CAPS United

Joel "Jubilee", "Mwalimu", "Headmaster" Shambo was a legendary soccer player who during the prime of his career was the CAPS United Football Club team captain. He was famous in football circles for his dead-ball precision, flick headers and chest control tactics. [1]


Joel was born and raised in Zimbabwe and he joined CAPS United while he was still a teenager. where rose till he became captain. Jubilee hanged his boots later on and began his second career in football as a coach. He coached these 4 teams before he died

  1. CAPS United Football Club
  2. Circle United
  3. Blackpool
  4. Arcadia United


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