Karikoga Kaseke

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Karikoga Kaseke
Karikoga Kaseke
EducationUniversity of Zimbabwe, Newport University, Singapore Aviation Academy, University of Singapore
  • Politician.
EmployerMinistry of Tourism and Hospitality

Karikoga Kaseke has been the boss of the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority since July 2005. The body works closely with the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality to promote tourism in Zimbabwe. The ZTA also runs the Miss Zimbabwe beauty pageant with the aim of equipping Zimbabwean models with the skills to market Zimbabwe abroad.


Karikoga Kaseke retired Colonel of the Zimbabwe National Army.[1] He was born in Harare in 1962 being the first born in a family of eight children. He grew up in rural Mhondoro where he did his primary education and partly secondary education before joining the liberation struggle.[2] Karikoga Kaseke is married to Ireen with whom they have seven children.

Early Political Activity

Karikoga Kaseke dropped out of High school in 1978 to join the liberation struggle.[2]

Military career

Soon after independence, Kaseke was attested into the Zimbabwe National Army but was later on switched to the Military Intelligence Directory. He rose through the ranks from sergeant GSO Grade 3 in the counter-intelligence department.

Educational Background

Although Kaseke had initially failed to complete his studies due to commitments in the liberation struggle, he finished his studies after the war with ZEDCO college. He is also working towards a doctorate of Business Administration with the Newport University. At present he holds the following qualifications:

  • Post graduate diploma in aviation
  • MSc Degree in Transport systems and management (University of Singapore)
  • BSc Honours Degree in Political and Administrative Studies
  • Masters in Public Administration
  • Masters Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management (University of Zimbabwe)
  • Graduate Diploma in Aviation Management (Singapore Aviation Academy)
  • Masters in Business Administration (Newport University, USA)[2]

Awards and Achievements

  • ZCT-Tourism Personality of the Year Award (2006)
  • African Aviation Award (October 2003)
  • Business Tribune First Achiever Award (December 2002)
  • Best Human Resources Training and Development Award (2003)
  • ZNCC Best HIV/Aids Programme Award (ZNCC, 2003)

In the period that he has been at the helm of the ZTA, the organisation has won more awards than it had in the period 1996 to 2005 before he took over the reigns.

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Involvement in ZANU PF Faction Fights

It was alleged that Karikoga Kaeseke together with his wife hired several kombis to ferry people from Harare and Mashonaland East back to their homes in an attempt to block them from attending the First Lady's meeting with war veterans in Mazoe. Kaseke and wife were said to have gone to Fourth Street bus terminus where they started diverting people from traveling to Mazoe.[3] In his response to the allegations of having made attempts to sabotage Amai's rallies Kaseke argued that, "I want to be clear. I respect the First Family. I don’t just respect, I respect and fear the First Family. I instructed my wife to attend Amai’s rallies and make sure that when she is there, Amai [Grace] sees her. I told her that the only way Amai can see that she is there is by greeting her so that she sees you".[4] Kaseke went on to argue his case by stating that he had only gone to the bus terminus to arrange transport from his own pocket as several comrades had been left stranded at the bus terminus due to transport constraints. Kaseke also came to the defence of Walter Mzembi who has been facing allegations of having bought beer for some youths to sabotage Grace Mugabe's rallies.


Kaseke was alleged to have been involved in a confrontation with his boss and tourism minister Walter Mzembi over Kaseke's dethronement of of a model for alleged bad behaviour. The decision to dethrone the model by Kaseke was overturned by Mzembi who argued that the dethronement process had not observed set protocols. It was also reported that should the model be reinstated, Kaseke had vowed to quit his job[5] Kaseke was also implicated in a case in which it was alleged that the ZTA had bought a Mercedes benz worth over usd 200 000 for a non executive chairman, Mara Hativagone. The incident was said to have caused an outrage within the Zimbabwe Council for Tourism. Kaseke was nonetheless dismissive in his response arguing that the allegations were unfounded as the vehicle was not the personal property of Mara but was actually registered as a vehicle of the ZTA.[6]


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