Kembo Mohadi Cheating Affair

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Kembo Mohadi (left) and Abbigal Mumpande (right)

On 15 February 2021, ZimLive reported that Kembo Mohadi was involved in an affair with a married woman. The woman's husband confronted Mohadi and left him slightly injured and bleeding according to the report. It later came out that he had such affairs with three other women around the country in calls availed by ZimLive. After all these allegations, Mohadi saw it fit to resign as Vice President on 1 March 2021.


Abbigal Mumpande Affair

The publication reported that Mohadi was involved in an affair with Abbigal Mumpande, nee Muleya who works at his office as a junior security officer. After learning of the affair, the woman's husband Jacob Mumpande reportedly stormed Mohadi's Milcox Road residence in Glen Lorne on 14 February 2021.

The woman's husband found out about the affair after he obtained recordings of phone calls of Mohadi talking to Abbigal and expressing his undying love for her. Mohadi also allegedly sent her nudes.

In one of the recorded conversations Mohadi speaking in Ndebele said:

"Ngithe ngikutshele ukuthi ngiyakuthanda, angisoze ngafa ngabuyela emuva (I called to say I love you, and I’ll never change my mind)"

On Sunday 14 February 2021, Mumpande, accompanied by his wife, arrived at the Mohadi residence at about 4.30 PM. The couple was allowed inside after Mohadi was consulted.

A furious Mumpande, who was described as “heartbroken” and “upset” by sources, accused Mohadi of romping with his wife without protection in an argument that lasted for an hour.

A source told ZimLive that Mumpande told Mohadi that his wife would no longer work for him. Mohadi reportedly instructed his permanent secretary Reverend Paul Damasane to process her transfer as early as Monday 15 February 2021. When asked about the incident and Mohadi's instruction to transfer Mumpande's wife, Damasane said:

“I’m hearing this for the first time. I was in Bulawayo yesterday. I just met the vice president in his office for our daily morning brief and what you are asking me did not come up at all.”

The publication reported that Mumpande declined requests for an interview. When contacted for a comment, Abbigal told ZimLive she was at work but denied having an affair with Mohadi. When confronted with the leaked recordings of their phone calls, she declined to answer any further questions from the publication.[1]

Vice President Kembo Mohadi's leaked phone call with married lover Abbigal Mumpande

Scholarship Beneficiary

Zimbabwe's randy Vice President Kembo Mohadi's leaked phone call trying to lure one of his scholarship beneficiaries for sex at a Bulawayo hotel. ZimLive was handed an audio recording of a phone call between Mohadi and a woman they only named as Luba, in which he invited her to his room at Holiday Inn in Bulawayo – but the woman politely turns him down, pointing out that her parents are “strict”.

Luba was desperate to go to college in 2016 when a chance meeting between her brother and Mohadi, who was then the state security minister, brought some good news. Luba met Mohadi in his office, at his request, and he agreed to pay her fees for a course in Information Communication Technology with a Bulawayo college.

One of Luba’s friends recalled: “Just a year later, in 2017, Mohadi started calling Luba and invited her for lunch at his office. He told her he loved her, and wanted to sleep with her. He was way older and she was not attracted to him, but she felt her education depended on it and gave in to his wishes.”

Since 2017, whenever Mohadi was in Bulawayo, he would send his driver to pick Luba up and bring her to his hotel. The first time he slept with her, he used a condom, according to Luba’s friend, but subsequent to that he insisted on unprotected sex.

“He said he loved her, and wanted to marry her and they shouldn’t use condoms. They met over a dozen times,” the friend said.

After Luba’s graduation in 2019, she thought she had paid her dues. She told the now vice president that she had a younger lover and wished to move on, but he was unrelenting, according to her friend.[2]

VP Mohadi trying to lure one of his scholarship beneficiaries

Chervaughn Choeni's Affair

Her marriage collapsed after her husband, Martin Chabuka, heard her phone call with VP Mohadi agreeing to have sex with him in his office. Chabuka, a professional dancer, proposed to Choeni with the help of singer Nyasha David. He posted the video on Facebook last November, writing in the caption: “A day I will never forget.”

It is now a day he wishes he could forget as he picked up the pieces from a heartbreak caused by the 71-year-old vice president. Chabuka, who declined requests for an interview from news publications, changed his Facebook status to “divorced”.

He also wrote: “Talk all you want, nyaya dzichapera.”

Affair with Woman number 4

He was also reported to have asked for sex from a woman believed from Beitbridge. Hear the audio below:

Mohadi on call with woman number 4

Mohadi Distances Himself from Sex Scandal Linked to Several Women

Vice President Kembo Mohadi said he is not resigning following allegations that he had sex with several married women, including one who was working in his office. In a press conference broadcast on Zimbabwe Television Network, Mohadi said the alleged sex scandal is designed to force him to leave office.

“I have grown impatient about these people (digital media). The allegations leveled against me are not only false but well choreographed to demean, to condescend, soil my image as a national leader and as a patriot of this country.”

He said, “I wish to clearly state that I’m a victim of political machinations being peddled through hacking and voice cloning. Despite the density of the allegations being leveled against me, I salute the support I’m getting from fellow citizens, colleagues and comrades who fully grasp the rigid complexity of the concocted attacks. It is against this backdrop that I’m categorically distancing myself from the imagined immoral behavior.

“I remain a committed leader, father, cadre and servant of this great nation. So, nothing is going to change because all this is concocted to tarnish my image. If anything is going to happen it is going to be His Excellency who will determine my future.”[3]

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