Ken Mufuka

Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean born academic and author based in the United States of America.

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During his time at Mazoe Secondary School, Mufuka was seconded to work with Solomon Mutsvairo who was at that time writing the classical book FESO. Mutsvairo was also translating the Salvation Army Hymnbook from English into Shona. Mufuka graduated from the University of Rhodesia now University of Zimbabwe. [1]


After he graduated from the University of Rhodesia, Mufuka returned to Mazoe Secondary School as a history teacher. He left Mazoe for St. Andrews University in Scotland to study for a Master of Letters degree. Mufuka returned to Zimbabwe for two years after teaching in the West Indies and in the US.[1]

Letter From America

The Letter from America became Ken’s trademark. The weekly column moved to the Financial Gazette in 2002. It was acclaimed by Reuters International (1991) and received several awards in due course. [1]


His book Matters of Dignity (1992) was recognized as one of the Best Books of Africa by the British Council (2002).[1]


  • Matters of Dignity (1984)
  • Matters of Dignity (1992)


Ken Mufuka founded the Mashura and Ken Mufuka Scholarship which has sponsored more than fifty Zimbabwe students to study at Lander University since 1984. The Mufuka Foundation, based in Masvingo, Zimbabwe, was created in 1991 to provide seed money when Mucheke High School library was destroyed by fire. The organization remained to provide bursaries for poor students at Mucheke, Howard Institute, Mazoe Secondary School and other schools in Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe.[1]


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