Klosad Clinical Diagnostics Lab

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Klosad Clinical Diagnostics Lab is a private lab located in Harare’s Avondale suburb. Klosad is among the laboratories that were approved by the Government to conduct Covid-19 testing.


Klosad Clinical Diagnostics Lab is located at 20 Lanark Road, Avondale.


Former Health Minister Obadiah Moyo is the owner of Klosad Clinical Diagnostics Lab.


Fake Covid-19 Certificate Syndicate

Investigations by The Sunday Mail revealed that Klosad Clinical Diagnostics Lab was issuing out certificates with fake negative Covid-19 results to international travellers without going through the testing process.

Staff at the lab were issuing out the fake certificates for US$45 each instead of the recommended US$65 charged by most institutions for a legitimate Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test that is a prerequisite for international travel.

The syndicate was led by one Anesu Nyamugama whilst the certificates were signed off by two different people, one by a C. Guzha and the other by a T. Tenesi while B. Nyakuedzwa approved both certificates.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police said it would look into the matter whilst Covid-19 Chief Co-ordinator Dr Agnes Mahomva said if the lab was found guilty it would be closed.[1]


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