George Wyndam Hamilton Knight Bruce was an Anglican missionary. He visited Lobengula in 1888 and received permission to travel throughout Mashonaland. In 1891, he went with Bernard Mizeki and opened mission stations. In January 1891, he was made the first Bishop of the newly created Diocese of Mashonaland. He opened his first station at Penhalonga. This early work was an initial education impetus in Zimbabwe.

Personal Details

Born 23 March 1852
Died (Malaria) 16 December 1896

School / Education

Educated at Eton and Oxford.

Service / Career

He began as a cleric in London slums.
He was made Bishop of Bloemfontein.
He was made Bishop of Mashonaland in 1891.


1891; Founded St Augustine Mission in Penhalonga.

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