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| disappeared_place  =  
| disappeared_status =  
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| death_date        = {{death date and age|2015|1|23|1967|9|21}}  <!-- {{death date and age|2015|1|15|2015|1|15}}  
| death_date        = {{death date and age|2015|1|23|}}  <!-- {{death date and age|2015|1|15|2015|1|15}}  
| death_place        = [[North End]], [[Bulawayo]]
| death_place        = [[North End]], [[Bulawayo]]
| death_cause        = Committed suicide
| death_cause        = Committed suicide

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Kranos Nyangari
BornKranos Nyangari
DiedJanuary 23, 2015(2015-01-23) (aged Expression error: Missing operand for -.)
EducationUniversity of Zimbabwe
Alma materUniversity of Zimbabwe
  • Student
Home townBulawayo
Parent(s)Wilbert Nyangari

Kranos Nyangari who committed suicide on 23 January 2015 was a 21 year old, third year Electrical Engineering student at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ). Before taking his life, Kranos posted messages to some of his friends announcing his death. He also took a video in which he narrated his ordeal and how his possessions were to be disbursed.

His Death

Kranos hanged himself at his father's house in North End Suburb in Bulawayo. His death came as a shock to his parents and not to some of his friends who had received messages from the deceased who was announcing his death to them. Kranos father, Mr Wilbert Nyangari discovered that his son, had sent messages to his friends announcing his death. Some of the messages were sent in December 2014.[1]

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Before he hanged himself, Kranos recorded a video in which he stated out how his possessions were to be disbursed as well as demanding that his body was to be cremated and the ashes were to be scattered around in his father's compound. Kranos stated that, his cellphone was to be given to his mother and his tablet to his father whilst his clothes, bicycle and desktop computer to his brother Kuda. [1]

His father, Mr Nyangari explained that his son's death was as a result of the influence of the type of music his son was subjected to. [1] He stated that, his son was deeply immersed into Hip Hop, a genre which is usually associated with Satanism. In spite of being a brilliant child who attained eight As at Ordinary Level and 19 points at Advanced Level, Kranos is believed to have succumbed to the so called evil forces of Hip Hop. Kranos was buried in Masvingo on 26 January 2015. [1]


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