Kudzanai Kangara

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Kudzanai Kangara

Kudzanai Kangara was a Zimbabwean businessman based in Bindura. He died on 10 January 2021 from a case of suspected Covid-19.



His first wife was Refaisi Dambaza. Kangara had three wives in total.[1]


He had thirteen children. Three of the thirteen are Mitchell, Tino­tenda, and Dar­ling­ton.[2][1]


Kangara was a licensed gold buyer with Fidelity. His company was named Kangara Gold Buyers. He was also into farming.[3]


He owned a Range Rover, Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, Mercedes Benz X-Class, a McLaren, among many other Toyota brands such as Prados and Land cruisers.[1]


He was a qualified Electrical Engineer.[3]


He started working at Trojan Nickel Mine in Bindura as an electrician. He worked there for five years and lost his job when the mine closed.

Kangara then did temporary teaching at Zvomanyanga. He didn’t manage to proceed to a teachers’ college as planned. He did farming at his in-laws to raise money to buy a car to start a pirate taxi business and plied the Madziwa-Goora route.

Kangara managed to raise money and started buying gold. At that time, trading in gold was prohibited and difficult. At one point, the wife wanted to leave him because of hardships in the business. Kangara and his wife registered their business in 2001. [1]

Music Promotion

Kangara was the manager of gospel musician Tafadzwa “Lasper” Ncube, known also as Prince of Praise and Worship.[2]


In October 2019, Kangara shot dead one of four gold panners who had visited his office intending to sell their gold.

Reports alleged that the four gold panners had a misunderstanding with one of Kangara’s employees resulting in the fatal shooting.

The other three gold panners fled the scene following the shooting.[4]


He assisted widows and orphans with groceries and school fees in Mashonaland Central Province.[3]


Kangara died on 10 January 2021 after showing signs of Covid-19. His son, Darlington, said his late father had exhibited COVID-19 symptoms before his death. He said:

Yes, it’s true he had Covid-19 symptoms. He had shortness of breath.

A source who spoke to H-Metro said Kangara was rushed to a hospital in Chitungwiza in an ambulance on 7 January 2021. The source added that Kangara's health continued to deteriorate until he took his last breath on the 10th.[5]


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