Kudzi Nyakudya

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Kudzi Nyakudya
Kudzi Nyakudya
  • Gospel artist.

Kudzi Nyakudya is an award winning gospel artist. Ever since breaking into the limelight, he has become an outstanding artist not only because of his great voice but powerful lyrical content.


Nyakudya has been in the music circles for a very long time and has also produced several albums. To date, the artist has seven albums to his name.[1] He has shared the stage with other gospel artists such as Charles Charamba and Sebastian Magacha. In recognition of his outstanding performance, the artist won the best male award in 2005. The artist is a self-confessed admirer of South African gospel artist, Lundi Tyamara whom he says inspires his music. Critics have nonetheless accused the artist of being a capycat lacking originality.[2]

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Silver Jubilee Zimbabwe Music Awards - Best Male award (2005)


Watakuira kuipa Jesu

Ini Naye


Kudzi Nyakudya was once arrested by the police after he was caught pirating and selling his own music, which was in contravention with the conract he had entered into with Diamond Studios.[1] The artist was also brought before the courts by a couple which claimed that he had stolen their gearbox.


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