Kutama College

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St. Francis Xavier’s College Kutama, also known as Kutama College is a boys-only school located in Mashonaland West, Zimbabwe. It was founded by the Jesuits (Catholic order of the Society of Jesus) and now run by the Marist Brothers of the Roman Catholic Church. Kutama offers secondary education starting from Form One up to Advanced Level (Form Six). The institution is known for producing some famous personalities including the president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe.[1] It is also rated as one of the best schools in Zimbabwe in term of academic performance.[2]

It is an all-boys high school like most high schools in Zimbabwe, which follow the traditional British school system, students at Kutama are divided into four houses each having its own color: Champagnat (blue), Patrick (yellow), Chichester (red), and Michael (green). They are named after Marist Brothers, such as Marcellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist movement.

Curriculum and Vision

Kutama College is a Catholic school. All boys are expected to partake in all activities at the school including attending mass once every week. The scool supports pastoral care that nurtures physical health, emotional maturity and spiritual richness of our boys.[3]

The school also provides a broadly-based education designed to enable all boys to discover their strengths, and to make the most of their talents within Kutama and beyond. By engendering respect for individuality, difference, the importance of teamwork and the contribution that each boy makes to the life of the school and the community. The institution further desires to foster self-confidence, enthusiasm, perseverance, tolerance and integrity with emphasis for the boys to be what they are (Esse Quam Videri).[3]

Admission at Kutama

Kutama enrolls about 700 students at a time. All candidates go through a pre-assessment at age 12 (during year 7 of Primary School in Zimbabwean educational terms) by writing an Entrance Examination.[4] The assessment consists of academic tests covering mainly Mathematics and English language which are used as the first screening point. If successful, the candidate will be interviewed, and a report or recommendation will be required from the boy’s current school.[4]

Kutama Old Boys Association

Kutama Old Boys Association (KOBA) is a former students networking body which was formed in 1981.[5] It acts as the school's alumini that helps the school to maintain contact and interaction with its former students who are in various parts of the world. KOBA is instrumental to the operation and administration of Kutama College as a school. We rely on our former students to act as role models that inspire and guide our boys as they find their way through education and careers afterwards.<ref name="koba">


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