Labour and Economic Development Research Institute of Zimbabwe (LEDRIZ)

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Labour and Economic Development Research Institute of Zimbabwe

The Labour and Economic Development Research Institute of Zimbabwe (LEDRIZ) is a research think-tank of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU). It was established in September 2003 under a Deed of Trust. LEDRIZ is governed by a Board comprising six trade union leaders nominated by the General Council of the ZCTU and four distinguished academics and civil society leaders.


The main objective of LEDRIZ is to develop through research, well-grounded pro-working people policy positions designed to influence development processes and outcomes at national, regional and international levels. LEDRIZ is a member of the Africa Labour Research Network (ALRN) which brings together research institutions linked to national trade union federations and their research departments across the African continent.

LEDRIZ has also published an update of the "Beyond ESAP" book published by the ZCTU in 1996 entitled "Beyond the Enclave: Towards a Pro-Poor and Inclusive Development Strategy for Zimbabwe". It provides a much needed alternative policy framework and paradigm for addressing Zimbabwe's economic and social challenges and for seizing opportunities during this century's second decade and beyond. Providing concrete suggestions on policy formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation in various sectors to promote inclusive growth and humane development, the book argues for a new approach to development based on pro-poor and socially inclusive strategies. LEDRIZ was indentified as a good practice labour-related research think thank by the Solidarity Centre (USA) in 2012.[1]


LEDRIZ's vision is an empowered labour movement able to influence policy formulation, decision making processes and outcomes towards human centred development. Its research is intended to be of a high standard, practical and relevant in order to reach, and be used by a wide spectrum of stakeholders ranging from the labour movement, cooperating partners such as othe research instites, business government and other interested groups.


LEDRIZ's mission is to strengthen the labour movement's capacity to carry out policy oriented research that will protect, safeguard and advance the rights and interests of working people in Zimbabwe.

Strategic Objectives

  • Evidence-based policy research
  • Capacity Building
  • Technical Support
  • Networking
  • Consultancy

The Team

  • Founding Director - Dr Godfrey Kanyenze
  • Senior Researcher - Prosper Chitambara
  • Senior Researcher/Economist - Naome Chakanya
  • Researcher - Nyasha Muchichwa
  • Finance and Administrative Officer - Tawanda Mujajati
  • Bookkeeper - Wendy Zaranyika
  • Administrative Assistant - Emmaculate Moyo
  • Office Orderly - Isaac Mudzimu


  • POLICY BRIEF - Harnessing Zimbabwe’s Potential for Green Energy and Green Jobs in the Energy Sector - Year Published 2015
  • My Socio Economic Rights
  • Beyond the Enclave. Towards a Pro-Poor and Inclusive Development Strategy for Zimbabwe - Year Published 2011
  • The Decent Work Agenda in Zimbabwe - Year Published 2006
  • The Search For Sustainable Human Development In Africa - Year Published 2007


  • Address: 78 East Road, Belgravia, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Tel: +263 242 308846
  • E-mail:


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