Lake Chivero Rock Art

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Lake Chivero Rock Art

Lake Chivero Rock Art is located at lack Chivero and has works that are believed to be have been done by the Sani people

Why Visit

Only an hour's drive from Harare, Lake Chivero offers a peaceful getaway for half a day, a weekend or a few nights of rest and relaxation. A number of good San rock art sites. The rock art at both the crocodile panel and the kudu panel are in superb condition, the colours remaining bright and vibrant after 2,000 years and both are easily accessible to most visitors.

How to get here: For directions to Lake Chivero Recreational Park Entrance Gate, see the separate article.

NOTE: all three sites described are within designated walking areas; in other areas visitors are not allowed to be outside their vehicles unless accompanied by a game scout, if in doubt enquire at Park Reception.


  • Crocodile paintings: from the entrance gate drive 650 metres and turn left at the green and yellow sign marked “walking trail rock paintings.” At 850 metres, turn right off the track and park. Follow the footpath at the edge of the vlei. The crocodile paintings are 200 metres along the path after some cement steps constructed by National Parks to assist visitors. There is a small rock art panel halfway along on the right that has some faded hunters and antelope.
  • The Kudu panel: From the entrance gate, drive 970 metres past the Pax Park turnoff, 1.42 KM is a green and yellow sign marked “walking trail rock paintings.” Park off the road and follow the well-marked footpath east off the road for 150 metres into the rocks and up cement steps constructed by National Parks to assist visitors.

Bushman point parking: from the entrance gate follow the gravel road; 5.32 KM turn right for Bushman Point that is well sign-posted, 13.6 KM reach Bushman Point parking area. Follow a clearly marked path to the north end of Bushman Point that takes you to the site overlooking the lake.