Laurinda Mphoko is the wife of the second current vice president of Zimbabwe, Phelekezela Mphoko who became the vice president after the coveted ZANU PF 6th National People's Conference which was held in December 2015.


Laurinda Mphoko's story has remained obscure,she only became a public figure after the appointment of her husband as the country's second vice president. She is a Mozambican national.[1] She was married in 1977 and Jacob Zuma, was the best man at Laurinda's wedding.[1] The two have three children.

Laurinda with her husband during the swearing in ceremony of Nyusi in Mozambique

As the Vice President's Wife

When his husband was elevated by Robert Mugabe to be the country's vice president, as per norm, the couple was mandated to choose an apartment to reside in in Harare whose expenses were to be met by the government. It has been reported that, initially, it was proposed that, the couple was to reside in Joseph Msika house which is in Mandara.[2] Laurinda however fumed stating that she wanted a 'new' house.

Laurinda has so far toured some of the leafy and affluent suburbs located north of Harare and are yet to find a place that suits the couple. After touring, Glen Lorne, Laurinda rejected a house which was worthy US$1, 5 million.[2] She stated that the house was to small and not befitting people who are considered to be second in command in the country.

From Glen Lorne, the couple toured Borrowdale Brooke and a house which was estimated to be worthy US$2 million was discovered for them. Laurinda rejected it again on this instance claiming that the suburb was infested with many government ministers.[2] By implication, Laurinda considered Borrowdale Brooke as a harb for ministers something that she despised.

From Borrowdale Brooke, a house was found for the couple in Ballantyne Park valued at US$3 million and yet Laurinda rejected it again.[2] The attitude of Laurinda has caused a public outcry and speculations are rife that she wants the government to construct a mansion for her.

Philanthropic Work

On 3 January, Laurinda, in the company of her husband and their son, Siqokoqela donated food stuffs and toiletries at Ekuphumuleni Geriatric Home in Mzilikazi in Bulawayo.[3] Laurinda was quoted saying,

This is a small gift that we have to assist the aged people who are taken care of here and we do pledge to continue doing this so that we ensure that the people are comfortable. I hope the Lord will give us more days and resources to do more of this.[3]


Laurinda is related to the late Mozambican President, Samora Machel.[4]


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