Lavender Chiwaya

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Lavender Chiwaya

Lavender Chiwaya was a Zimbabwean politician and was a member of the MDC Alliance led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa. During the July 2018 harmonised elections, Lavender Chiwaya was elected to Ward 4 Karoi Town Council, for MDC-Alliance, with 709 votes.


Chiwara was 34 years old at the time of his death on 21 August 2020. He was married and had five children. In 2008, Chiwaya cheated death by a whisker after a terror gang kidnapped and tortured him. He narrated then that he was locked inside a small room at a suspected Zanu militia base in Karoi.

Service / Career

2018 – elected to Ward 4 Karoi Town Council with 709 votes, beating Pleasure Marunya of Zanu PF with 346 votes, Stephan Mumiriki, independent with 35 votes and Pauline Mahongo of PR with 8 votes. [1]

Chiwaya was the MDC Alliance Hurungwe Central chairman. He was a vocal and fearless politician well known in the area. He served as councilor in Karoi since 2008 and served his ward diligently.


Lavender died on 21 August 2020 under unclear circumstances after his body was found four houses from his place. He was buried in Karoi on 26 August 2020 under heavy police presence in the small farming and gold mining town.[2]

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