Lily Tsegaye

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Lily Tsegaye
Lily Tsegaye
Known forBeing Passion Java's wife

Lily Tsegaye is an Ethiopian-Zimbabwean most known for being the wife of self-proclaimed prophet Passion Java.

Tsegaye married Java in 2016 following Java's divorce from his ex-wife Yasmin a year earlier.


Lily Tsegaye was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She is the youngest in a family of three. Lily was born into a Christian family.[1]


Lily Tsegaye was born on 15 June.[2]


Passion Java

Lily revealed she met Passion Java at a conference in Baltimore, in the United States in 2014. However, she emphasized that she had nothing to do with Java’s divorce from his first wife. She said she met Passion Java in 2014 around August and they began to share different views and ideas. She has denied funding her husband's flamboyant lifestyle.[1]


Passion and Lily Java have 4 sons. In 2020 the couple welcomed their fourth son who was introduced by Passion Java in December 2020 as Twabam Java on Facebook.[3]


In an interview with Financial Gazette, Lily Tsegaye said she met the Lord Jesus when she was 23 in a vision and had different encounters in the spirit where the Lord told her what her calling was. She said:

I met the Lord Jesus when I was 23 in a vision and had different encounters in the spirit where the Lord told me what my calling was. I have been serving in my local church in Washington DC. I have been actively involved in the children’s ministry, choir and young adult ministry. I preach, teach, counsel and I have the prophetic grace upon my life.



She went to a Cathedral school until she was nine years old when her father took her to America to further her education. She has been in America since 2000.[1]


Passion Java and Lily Tsegaye on the Beach
Lily Tsegaye
Prophetess Lily Tsegaye and Passion Java
Lily Tsegaye and Passion Java Touching Her Belly
Prophet Passion Java and wife Lily Tsegaye
Passion Java and Lily Tsegaye
Passion Java and Lily Tsegaye pray for Zimdancehall producer Levelz


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