Lovemore Moyo

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Lovemore Moyo

Lovemore Moyo is a member of the Movement for Democratic Change which is led by Morgan Tsvangirai. He is the current national chairman of the party. Moyo has been on the Zimbabwean political scene for quite some time prior to joining the Movement for Democratic Change.


Lovemore Moyo was born in 1965 in Matobo rural district council.[1]

Academic Qualifications

Moyo holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human and Social Studies specialising in Development Studies from the University of South Africa (2012) [2]

Early Political Activity

It is said that Lovemore Moyo left Matobo Rural at the age of twelve and crossed into Zambia to help in the fight against white minority rule. It was in Zambia that he received military training for one of the liberation movements fighting for majority rule in Zimbabwe, ZAPU led by one of Zimbabwe's founding nationalists Joshua Nkomo.[1] After the attainment of majority rule in 1992, Moyo was also linked to a group called Imbovane Yamahlabezulu which was a Matebeleland based group aimed at fighting "cultural imperialism". These early glimpses of political activity were to later on bloom into a fully fledged political career which was realised through the joining of the MDC

Mainstrean Politics with the M D C

It was in the elections of 2002 that Moyo got elected as a member of the house of assembly for the Matobo North constituency.[1] It was reported that prior to the election of the same year, Moyo had been detained by the police during the campaign for unspecified reasons by the police.[1]. After having entered mainstream politics, Moyo went on to occupy several positions in the MDC and was also part of the inclusive government consummated in 2008. During the tenure of the inclusive government, Moyo made the headlines when he was elected as Speaker of Parliament, the first time that ZANU PF had not held the post in the post colonial era. After having spent some time as speaker, Moyo's initial victory was successfully challenged by Jonathan Moyo which paved way for another election for the same post in which Lovemore Moyo was facing Simon Khaya Moyo from ZANU PF. It was reported that Jonathan Moyo had argued that the initial election of Lovemore Moyo had been marred by electoral irregularities which contradicted the policy of secret ballot voting. Jonathan Moyo is alleged to have stated that six of the MDC legislators had displayed their ballot papers to senior party officials before casting their ballots. The Supreme Court went on to rule in favour of Jonathan Moyo paving way for another election and just as was the case in the initial election, Lovemore Moyo won the elections the only difference being the controversy surrounding the elections. It was reported in the media that there had been attempts to bribe members of the house so that they could vote otherwise.[3] Moyo's victory generated widespread debate across the political divide as it emerged that apart from members of the MDC who had voted for Moyo to occupy the post, there were also two other votes allegedly from ZANU PF which had also helped catapult Moyo to the speaker's post. Moyo managed to win the election by 105 votes to 93 that went to Zanu-PF’s Simon Khaya Moyo. The elections were said to have been marred by serious vote buying, police detentions and rebellious voting by two members of parliament who did not vote for their party candidate.[4]

A few months prior to the MDC T's 4th National Congress of 2014, there were various reports in the media claiming that Lovemore Moyo was eyeying the party's vice president's post. The former Matobo legislator however dismissed the claims as false claiming that he had no such plans.[5]

The Electoral Defeat

After having been the house of assembly representative for Matobo, Lovemore Moyo was defeated in the 2013 harmonised elections by ZANU PF's Never Khanye. Moyo however contested the election citing various irregularities after he had marginally lost to the ZANU PF candidate, Moyo of MDC-T polled 5 219 votes while Khanye of Zanu-PF garnered 5 300 votes. [6] In arguing his case, Moyo is alleged to have said

On the morning of 30 July 2013, I received a call that our elections agent for Bhazha polling station who was manning the special vote ballot boxes had been ejected from the polling station by the presiding officer on the basis that her name was not on the consolidated elections agents list for the polling station. On the election day, election agents were refused entry into the polling stations in Silozwe, Induna Primary School, Gwandavale, Lukazi, Tohwe, Whitewater, Matopos, Bhazha and Minda Primary Schools even though election agents were there before the start of the vote at 7am. Given the fact that our agents were denied entry, there is a possibility of us having been prejudiced of a substantial number of votes. In terms of the law each candidate is entitled to have a polling agent representing him or her at the polling station during the conduct of the election[6]

After having submitted his papers contesting the election result, Moyo was dumped by his own lawyer before the matter of the disputed election had been brought to finality.


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