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| name        = Loziba Festival
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Loziba Festival
Loziba Festival.jpg
GenreMusic, Film, Poem
DatesMarch 27-29, 2020
Location(s)Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Years activeLaunch in 2020
Founded byCommittee of Female artists

The Loziba Festival is an all female multi-disciplinary arts festival that is meant to uplift young female artistes in Bulawayo. The festival is aimed at celebrating artistic talent by women by supporting each other in order to rise in the male-dominated field.


This is the brain child of some female artists who came together and established a committee to to come up with the festival after seeing the need to support each other in order to rise in the male-dominated field.[1] They partnered with Youth For Innovation Trust (YIT) to come up with a concept that would honour the life of Queen Loziba while embracing the Ndebele culture and giving female artistes a breakthrough. The goal of the festival is to elevate Bulawayo female artistes so that they contribute meaningfully to the city’s creative economy. The organisers also want to celebrate and support the Bulawayo artistes so that they make names for themselves in the city and with time, penetrate the regional and international market. The festival was inspired by Queen Loziba as she stood her ground in terms of uplifting the status of women in a patriarchal state.

Revenue Model

Loziba Festival is a non-profit making initiative, run as a charitable trust overseen by a Committee of female artists. Loziba Festival charges attendees for shows. Loziba Festival is also supported by Youth For Innovation Trust through their partnership.

Loziba Festival Theme

Named after Queen Loziba, senior queen and King Mzilikazi’s wife in the Ndebele Kingdom, the festival will be held under the theme: “Bulawayo in Solidarity with young women in art” in light of its objective of creating a widespread acceptance and support for young women’s art.


Some of the female artists who are part of the line up to perform include the following, Novuyo Seagirl, Qeqeshiwe Mntambo, Charmaine Mudau, Mimie Tarukwana, Voko and Acoustic Queens.


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