Luminitsa Dumbisa Jemwa

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Luminitsa Dumbisa Jemwa
The Elegant Bella Figura Luminitsa Dumbisa Jemwa

Luminitsa Dumbisa Jemwa is a South African based socialite and sports manager.


Luminitsa Kimberly Jemwa was born on 7 July 1988 in Zimbabwe.

Pregnancy Rumours

In January 2020 Zimcelebs reported that Luminitsa had married a very powerful unnamed wealthy politician and was pregnant with his child.

Zimcelebs said Luminitsa, who had disappeared from social media, had been spotted in South Africa leaving her Range Rover and appeared to be heavily pregnant. [1]


Lumi is a sports manager who works for Confederation of African Football. [2] Lumi also works professionally with football players on a management level.


Luminitsa is also a philanthropist who opened her own foundation called Luminista’s Dream foundation in 2017 [3]. Lumu claims she pays fees for thousands of children. She said the decision to pay fees for those she pays fees for came after she realising giving them food and clothes is not enough.

I started by giving out clothes, shoes and food with the little that I had because I know exactly what it feels like to have nothing until I realised that I would not always be around to give out these things and getting them through tertiary education was not an option, rather I gave them the net so they fish for themselves.

Mbare Musika Visit

Luminatsa recently visited Mbare Musika and caused a stir. She went walking about the community, and was surrounded by big crowds who followed her.

Social Life

Luminitsa married Warriors player Nyasha Mushekwi on December 31, 2011, and she filed for divorce in 2015 citing that there was no love between them anymore. The couple has one child who she demanded a $3 500 monthly maintenance claim against Mushekwi[4]. Her ex-hubby Mushekwi recently bought a coach bus worth U$ 200,000.00 for his former club Caps United whereby he was scouted by Moses Chunga.

After her divorce, she was reported to be linked to Grace Mugabe's son Russell Goreraza[5]


In 2016 her ex-husband Nyasha reportedly staged a hunger strike in Swaziland when he discovered she was part of the ZIFA delegation. In return, ZIFA had to delay engaging Lumi because of Nyasha's supposed hunger strike. [6]

Photo Gallery

Luminitsa Jemwa
Lumi Global Citizen
Luminitsa Dumbisa
Jemwa Lumi
Lumi Jemwa


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