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Tendekai Philemon Tati (born 30 December 1989) better known by his stage name Madzitatiguru is a Zimbabwean Spoken word artist, slam poet , writer and comedian. He is an Internationally Touring artist and Poetry slam champion who has had his share of victory at various poetry slam events in Zimbabwe.

Performance Career

Madzitatiguru began his professional Performance career in June 2011 at the House of Hunger Poetry slam. He went on to become a Poetry Slam Champion in Johanesburg at the Afro Express Poetry slam in September 2011. He also Participated in Poetry Africa , which is one of the biggest Poetry festivals in Africa. In 2014 Madzitatiguru toured Denmark as a spoken-word artist, delivering performances as well as Conducting writing and performance workshops within Danish Schools and colleges.

Madzitatiguru was to represent Zimbabwe at the inaugural Africa Cup of Slam Poetry held in Chad in November 2020. His popular work include Bete Size Ten/Mapete, Chazezesa, and Mabasa all providing a commentary on social issues affecting urban young people thus going viral on social media.

Events Participated in

  • HIFA 2015, 2014 and 2013,
  • 400 Years of Shakespeare Celebrations organised by the British Council Zimbabwe
  • Shoko Festival
  • Edinburgh International Book Festival in Scotland (2018). It was Madzitatiguru’s debut performance both at the festival and in Scotland.[1]
  • Intwasa Arts Festival.


  • As has become the norm popular poet Tendekai Tati (real name Madzitatiguru) walked away $800 richer after winning the Lafarge Poetry Slam in 2018. Madzitatiguru is an urban poet who is now mocked by his friends as the former late president Robert Mugabe who hung on to power for years. The poet has been winning the slam since its debut in 2012.[2]
  • Afro Express Poetry Slam 2011 (Johannesburg, South Africa),
  • The Shoko Festival Poetry Slam 2015, 2016 and 2017,
  • HIFA Poetry Slam 2015,
  • The 2017 Mlom Wakho Naxional Poetry Slam and
  • Lafarge Poetry Slam (2012-2018).


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