Makosi Musambasi

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Makosi Musambasi

Makosi Musambasi is a popular Zimbabwean socialite and television personality. She rose to prominence when she represented Zimbabwe at the UK Big Brother Series in 2005. Musambasi is also a controversial figure. She made headlines in 2012, when she was denied entry in the United Kingdom after attempting to enter the latter using someone's passport. Formerly, a lewd character, Musambasi earned herself respect when she donated sanitary wear to the Tokwe Mukosi Disaster victims in 2014.


Musambasa was born on the 23rd of September 1980.


She attended Belvedere Junior School for her primary education and Roosvelt Girls High for her secondary education. She then proceeded to the UK where she graduated with a nursing degree at the University of Luton.[1]


Musambasi, who claims she is a norn again christian was once a controversial figure. She made headlines in the British media for her topless and lesbian antic at the 2005 Channel 4 Reality TV series Big Brother 6 . It was here that she allegedly become controversial. She hogged the limelight after she falsely claimed to be pregnant after an infamous swimming pool sex tryst with another housemate Anthony.[2] She was always drunk and had wild confrontations with other housemates. Her controversy costed her her cardiac nurse job in the UK. Seven years later in February 2012, she was deported from the UK when she tried to enter the country using a relative's passport. She was deported to Nigeria and had her £12,000 cash confiscated from her.[3] At one point she even revealed that she once slept with businessman, Philip Chiyangwa. When Tinopona Katsande's three minute sex tape was leaked in 2013. Musambasi defended the latter saying she was being victimised. She even castigated ZiFM Stereo for hasting to suspend her.[4]

Television Show

Upon her come back in Zimbabwe in 2012, Musambasi went on to lunch a reality television show, Makosi Today. The show was launched in January 2014. Its a show that aims to educate, empower and entertain. It is a download of success, prosperity, health, fashion, wealth, vision, direction, ingenuity, creativity, spirituality, peace and resourcefulness.[5]The show is screened on the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation television.

As an Author

Musambasi is now an author. She launched her first book titled Love Yourself, The Ultimate Choice in October 2013. The book was bought by local celebrities such as Uebert Angel's wife Beverly who bought it for US$1 000.[6] Businessman Nigel Chanakira also bought it for US$600. Barbra Mzembi, wife to Tourism minister Walter Mzembi also bought the book.

Donations to Tokwe Mukosi

In May 2014, she donated some sanitary pads to the victims of the national disaster.[7] She personally visited Chingwizi camp where more than 300 families are living. The women at the camp were reportedly using leaves as sanitary wear.


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