Marondera formally Marandellas is located some 67km from Harare and is the capital of Mashonaland East Province. The city is surrounded by commercial farms where the residents go for seasonal employment. As of 2013, the town has a popuation of an estimated 46 000.[1]The flashy town was one of the earliest residence of the whites and a centre for agriculture and forestry activities.[2]

Geography and Climate

Marondera, located at coordinates 18.19°S, 31.55° E with an average elevation s 1668 meters. Average daytime temperatures highs of around 23°C and lows of around 11°C. The average monthly amount of rainfall is around 3 mm[3] in summer.


There are four constituencies namely;

  1. Marondera East
  2. Marondera West
  3. Marondera Central
  4. Wedza North

Dwindling Industry

Marondera just like most of the cities and towns in the country had been experiencing company closures since 2002. This regrettable state of affairs rendered thousands of workers jobless resulting in them being reduced to mere vendors. The former Marondera mayor Farai Nyandoro, allegedly attributed the closure of some companies to the controversial Indigenisation and Empowerment Regulations.[4] Additionally, the town at one point failed to pay for services such as electricity.

Popular People

  • Ray Kaukonde(politician)
  • Ian Kay(politician)


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