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Miss Zimbabwe Trust Chairperson, Ex-model
Marry Chiwenga
Marry Chiwenga,Former Miss Zimbabwe Trust Chairperson
BornMarry Mubaiwa
Political partyZimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front
Spouse(s)Constantine Chiwenga
Parent(s)Kenny Mubaiwa

Marry Chiwenga nee Mubaiwa is an ex-model and the wife of Vice President of Zimbabwe, Constantino Chiwenga who is a Retired Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces. She was once married to Shingi Kaondera, a footballer who played for Caps United Football Club. She was the patron and chairperson of the Miss Zimbabwe Trust until her resignation in February 2018.


Marry was born in 1983. She is the daughter of Kenny Mubaiwa, who is the Chairman of Dynamos Football Club.[1] She is a mother of 6 children.


In 2011, Marry was customarily married to Constantine Chiwenga amid revelations that the two had been staying together since Constantino left his matrimonial home, in April 2010.

It was reported that he paid US$47 000 as the bride price (lobola) to the Mubaiwa family .On 15, November 2012, the couple had a baby boy. [2]

Patron of the Miss Zimbabwe Trust

In 2012, Marry became the patron of the Miss Zimbabwe Trust taking over from Kiki Divaris. She was poised to revive the Miss Zimbabwe pageant. The 2014 edition of the Miss Zimbabwe Pageant proved Marry's competence as it was reportedly full of glitz and glamour.

Notwithstanding this, in 2014, 3 beauty queens, Thabiso Phiri, Catherine Makaya and Tendai Hunda were crowned as the title holders. This was followed by a barrage of criticism leveled against Marry. Cathrine Makaya cited that Marry was very adamant hence she was unable to work with her. Tendai Hunda who went on to represent the country for the 2014 edition of the Miss World was unable to keep up the pace with others as she arrived late in London all because of the trust's incompetency.Speculations are rife that the trust is now politicised.

In February 2018 Marry stepped down from her position after running the pageant for six years. Marry said that the beauty contest would now be run by a nine-member executive committee. She said although she remained the pageant’s license holder, she had entrusted the executive committee to handle the pageant’s affairs.[3]

Marry Chiwenga Photos

Philanthropic Work

She is the Chairman of the Musha Mukadzi Zimbabwe Armed Forces Foundation (MZAFF), a non – profit organization that provides programs that help families of the armed forces of Zimbabwe wives and widows and children of either serving or retired soldiers as well as war veterans. MM-ZAFF is a brainchild of the Commander of Defence Forces, General C.G Chiwenga and has the former First Lady Grace Mugabe’s support as the National Patron as well as Mrs. Marry Mubaiwa Chiwenga as the National Chairperson.

The Trust has helped the likes of Shingirayi Bushu who however succumbed to cancer in December 2014.[4] The MZAFF also donated groceries and clothes as well as blankets to a woman from Highfield who had 25  kg of cyst removed from her belly at Chitungwiza General Hospital in July 2014. The trust also donated US$3 500 to a war veteran, who lost his sight during the Second Chimurenga. [5]

Appointment to SEZ Board

In June 2017, Marry was appointed to an 11-member Special Economic Zones (SEZs) board, which is chaired by former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono. [6]

Resignation from Miss Zimbabwe Trust Board

In February 2018, Mrs. Chiwenga resigned from The Miss Zimbabwe Trust Board as the chairperson. She had held the position for 6 years. Marry Chiwenga reportedly indicated that she has confidence in the board members of the Trust.

I have surrendered a huge responsibility to the nine-member Miss Zimbabwe Trust executive committee to run the country’s flagship pageant, Miss World Zimbabwe, which also comes with a huge responsibility of also flying the country’s flag high. As I step down, I feel like a good loser who has lost something to a hard-working executive committee, which will work harder than me. I wish them all the best as they commence this year’s pageant without me on board. It is the same script, but different cast.[7]

Alleged Mockery of Grace Mugabe

Marry Chiwenga was reported to have mocked former First Lady as she presented donations to Magamba Hall in Warren Park, Harare, Chiwenga reportedly said.

My presence here as the second lady of the Republic of Zimbabwe has never happened before, at least as far as I know, Mai Mnangagwa has taught us good workmanship and team effort, proving that no matter how hard the work might be, there is someone to help. She is not a selfish first lady, she is someone who knows how to delegate, what she can’t do, she assigns someone to do it on her behalf. It is now different because we used to know that everything was entitled to one person, I would like to thank God for giving us Amai Mnangagwa, a mother who has dignity, a mother who respect her family. Ever since she was called the first lady she has never used harsh words against anyone, I have never heard her shouting ‘STOP IT’ to anyone.

Grabbing Arda farm

It was alleged that Mary Chiwenga grabbed the 300-hectare Arda Seeds farm along the Domboshava Road. [8]

Marry is alleged to have grabbed the farm belonging to the Agriculture Rural Development Authority (Arda). Marry is reported to have claimed that she wanted to build a school at the location after failing to get the property in 2013.


̇Marry Chiwenga was born in a Salvation Army Church and later changed to the Roman Catholic Church which her husband attends. Marry Chiwenga listens to music by James Chimombe, Alick Macheso, Marshal Munhumumwe and Jah Prayzah.

̈Marry reportedly said she is not on any social media platform.


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