Mazowe Dam

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Mazowe Dam
Mazowe Dam.jpg
Mazowe Dam overview
LocationMashonaland Central Province

Mazowe Dam is located in the Mazowe town of Mashonaland Central Province in Zimbabwe. It offers a number of recreational activities for both local and international visitors who throng the area all year round.


Mazowe Dam (17°31'18"S, 30°59'19"E) was built across the Mazowe River in 1918 for irrigating citrus plantations and annual crops like maize, soya beans and wheat. It lies in agro-ecological region 2 of the country, receives an average rainfall of 864 mm per annum and experiences a mean annual temperature of about 210C.[1] The reservoir created by this dam has a full supply capacity of 44.6 x 106m3 with a surface area of 540 ha. Average A-pan evaporation rate of dam catchment is the 1630 mm/year (Tererai, 2006). The dam’s catchment is 355 km2. Farmers abstract water from rivers, reservoirs, boreholes as well as weirs thereby affecting amount of water entering downstream dams, including Mazowe dam.[1]


Mazowe Dam offers a number of recreational activities. The main being fishing, which is favored by most locals who usually travel to the dam for fun fishing. Boat rides are also common in the area with people coming from all corners of the country to enjoy the serene and stable water of Mazowe Dam. Mazowe is strategically located in an area suitable for sight-seeing. There is a variety of natural vegetation as well.

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