Metallon Corporation

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Metallon Corporation Ltd
Private Limited Company

Metallon Corporation is a gold producer, developer and explorer which owns 5 gold mining companies in Zimbabwe. The company is majority owned by South African entrepreneur, Mzi Khumalo who serves as chairman. The company is Zimbabwe's largest gold producer. [1]


Mzilikazi Khumalo founded Metallon in 2001 and is the main shareholder of the Company. He purchased the assets in Zimbabwe from Lonminin 2002.

In 2015, gold production was 97,000 ounces and the target is 120,000 ounces in 2016. Across the Group Metallon has a significant resource base with a JORC-compliant 8.3 million ounce resource, and is targeting an additional 4 - 6 million ounces through exploration (SRK 2014).[2]


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