Mike Chidziva

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Mike Mazarura Chidziva
Mike Chidziva - Pioneer Indigenous Tobacco Merchant, Main Shareholder in Tanaka Power (Renault ZW)
Born(1938-02-21)February 21, 1938
ResidenceOld Marimba Park Suburb
OccupationPioneer Indigenous Entrepreneur; Businessman; Commercial Farmer; Hunter; Property Magnate; Old Marimba Park Millionaire Baron (Pre-Independence)
Years active1960s to present
OrganizationTanaka Power (Renault Franchise), Chidziva Tobacco Processors,Hunting Concession; Farm in Beatrice
Notable workTanaka Power ( Renault Franchise); Tobacco Merchant
Home townMhondoro
Board member ofTanaka Power, Chidziva Tobacco Processors
ChildrenClifford Chidziva, Barbara Chidziva

Mr Chidziva ranks among the first successful indigenous black commercial farmers, who began farming in Beatrice in the 80s.It was during the same time that he actively participated in the liberation struggle that brought about Zimbabwe’s independence.

He owns Chidziva Tobacco licensed by the Tobacco Industry Marketing Board (TIMB) which usually buys burley tobacco. In 2011, the TIMB was forced to return burley tobacco to farmers after failing to secure a buyer with the crop finally being sold for a song at other floors.

Chidziva Tobacco was founded in 1998 and is registered as a privately owned Zimbabwean tobacco merchant.The company has invested in tobacco substantially over the past five years in contract growing which permits it to contract farmers for direct purchasing.

A firm believer in self-sustenance, Chidziva indeed a guardian and business mentor who nurtures many on how to run successful businesses.