Ministry of Health and Child Care is a Ministry in the Government of Zimbabwe.


  • Coordinate the assessment, identification, and analysis of the priority health challenges and needs of the people of Zimbabwe;
  • Coordinate the development of national health policy, setting of national standards and guidelines, coordinate the planning and provision of an affordable, accessible, acceptable and comprehensive range of healthcare services;
  • Coordinate the establishment and continuous improvement of a reliable national health information system to facilitate planning and evaluation as well as the implementation of policies, strategies and action plans;
  • Consolidate and monitor implementation of national health plans, compliance with national policies and guidelines;
  • Consolidate budget estimates, mobilize and allocate resources and institute expenditure;
  • Consolidate budget estimates, mobilize and allocate resources;
  • Institute expenditure controls and budget analysis;
  • Monitor disease trends, quality of care and population health status;
  • Monitor adherence to pharmaceuticals policies, medicines quality, availability and distribution of medicines;
  • Coordinate Human Resources for Health planning and strategy development;
  • Coordinate the training and development of adequate numbers of health managers to direct an efficient and high-quality health system;
  • Create a conducive regulatory environment through health legislation for both public and private providers;
  • Administer all the enabling acts of Parliament in the implementation of the health care services;
  • Commission essential national health-related research;
  • Ensure interagency coordination in the context of health delivery; and
  • Liaise with international health organizations and donor agencies