Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education

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Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education
Ministry overview
HeadquartersAmbassador House, 88 Union Avenue, Cnr Second Street, Harare.
Minister responsibleDr. Lazarus Dokora
Deputy Minister responsiblePaul Vurayayi Mavima
Ministry executiveSylvia Utete-Masango
Contact Telephone +263-4-705153, 705281

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education is a government organ which administers the country's primary and secondary education sector in Zimbabwe. It has various organs administered by different personnel and these include among other the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council.


Roles of the Ministry in Government

Departments in the Ministry of Finance

Emap Form 1 Places Application Process

In December 2016, The Ministry introduced the electronic Ministry Application Platform (eMAP). The system can be used by parents of students looking for Form Oner places in the Zimbabwean Education system.

Parents submit the details of applicants to the Empa website and it matches them to available schools based on three choices. It can be accessed on

On 11 December, a day after the launch of the website, the website was mostly unavailable to parents apparently due to it being overwhelmed by the number of visitors. The Ministry then started encouraging parents to directly visit the schools they were applying to to enrol in person.


The Ministry has been criticised for introducing changes without enough consultation with other stakeholders like the schools they oversee as well as the parents of students. Such cases include

  • When the ministry introduced the National Pledge in 2016
  • When the ministry introduced the EMAP website for online application of Form One places
  • When the Ministry proposed the change of school names from colonial ones.

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