Miriam Nyazema

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Miriam Nyazema
Miriam Nyazema
BornMiriam Danai Nyazema
(1979-09-28)September 28, 1979
DiedJuly 29, 2015(2015-07-29) (aged 35)
United Kingdom
ResidenceRochdale, Manchester
  • Nurse
Years active2002 - 2015

Miriam Nyazema was a Zimbabwean born nurse who was stabbed to death in the United Kingdom following an altercation.


Miriam Danai Nyazema was born on 28 September 1979.[1] She had a baby in the UK but the baby died in its infancy.[1] She studied for a Diploma in Nursing with the Parirenyatwa School of Nursing, in Harare.[2] She had five siblings, four brothers and a sister.[3] She was a mother of two children.[4]


Miriam had been living in the United Kingdom for a while where she was working as a nurse. She would work as a nurse in Hospitals, working with the Elderly and in Management positions.[5] She had worked Shawside nursing home in Shaw for 13 years, since 2002.[6]

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In late July 2015 neighbours of Miriam claim that they heard noises and disturbances before they heard a gunshot. It was reported that the police took a while to respond, by the time they got to the scene, they found Miriam with stab wounds.[7] After first aid was administered to her, she was taken to hospital where she eventually died of the stab wounds. Two people were arrested in connection with the murder, one aged 45 and the other 35. The police also pointed out that what was initially thought to be a firearm was actually a BB gun. One of her alleged attackers had fled the house but suddenly started knocking on neighbours' doors asking for help. The police later released one of the man while the other identified as Josphat Mutekedza was charged with murder and firearms offences.[8]

Her murder resembled that of another Zimbabwean Emily Munemo, who died in similar circumstances in January 2015 in the UK.


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