Moira Knight

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Moira Knight
BornMoira Sibongile Knight
13 August
Alma materUniversity of Salford
Partner(s)Seh Calaz
Parent(s)Eric Knight (father), Martha Knight (mother)
RelativesMalcolm B Knight (twin brother)

Moira Sibongile Knight is a Zimbabwean based in the United Kingdom. She is the daughter of former radio, television personality and politician Eric Knight.


Moira was born on August 13 to Eric and Martha Knight. She was married to Zimdancehall chanter Seh Calaz (real name Tawanda Mumanyi). The couple has one child.


She graduated from The University of Salford in the United Kingdom in 2015

Personal Life

She was engaged to Zimdancehall musician Seh Calaz in July 2016 at a private function attended by family and friends in Harare.[1]

Assault by Seh Calaz

In June 2017, she was assaulted by her fiance Seh Calaz for taking his phone. Speaking to a newspaper on the issue Moira said:

My whole body is in pain and emotionally I am also in pain because of how I was treated by Calaz. He showed me the other side of him which I didn’t know and I was really hurt. He first assaulted me the day of his video launch and the latest incident was on Wednsday after I took is cellphone and I asked him for his password so could browse through it. He refused with it and when i asked him why he was refusing that was when he grabbed me by the hand and out my head between his legs and started beating me up. My whole body was injured and especially my breast, left chin and my thighs and I had to go to the hospital.

... Calaz is all I know in life he wasted four years of my life because I started dating him when I was only 19 years old and now I am 23. What is making this whole situation complicated is the fact that I might be pregnant.


Split with Seh Calaz

Seh Calaz and Moira Knight shocked their followers when they both announced their shattering split on social media. First to break the news was Calaz, who vowed to protect his former wife by not speaking ill of her. While Calaz appears to have moved on, Moira said she tried to engage the chanter but to no avail.

She even shared her commitment towards ironing out their differences by engaging Calaz’s relative but it did not yield results. Moira then poured her heart on social media where she posted: “Kutaura privately as adults ndinenge ndichitoda but as you can imagine haana chaanotaurika naye. He is very good at kutiza. I have not seen Tawanda since 12th august paakatiza mumba akajamba jura hall when I tried to talk to him. I spent my birthday with his relatives takamumirira so that we could discuss the issues but he did not turn up even after being phoned several times. I have been away for a few months, not on holiday but giving birth to my son and unfortunately when I came back ndakaona imba yave sango hence my reason for involving his relatives.”

Moles told H-Metro that Calaz and Moira have been experienced marital problems like any other couple but said they did not wish it to end in this fashion. Moira is said have been battling to save her marriage but without success.[3]


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