Mount Nyanga Myths and incidents

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They are a lot of myths with regards to Nyanga Mountain which includes disappearance of visitors. A lot unheralded mysteries have been happening in the mountain, with the most publicised being the disappearance of the Masaya twins in the late 80s, then the vanishing of an Indian tourist which awakened the world into a prompt search.


Nyangani Mountain at its best is home to leopards, lions, cheetahs, hyenas, kudus, duikers, zebras and baboons dwalas, falls, blooming trees and thick bushes which easily make it one of the country’s finest tourist destinations.


1.People who dare to go further on the mountain disappear forever. 2.When boulders from the mountain fall into the river the water turns red. 3.Trees talk and laugh in harmony with nature and upon exclaiming about this shock , a thick blanket of mist engulfs people and they disappear in it. 4.Chief Nyanga then established friendship with Chirikutsi, a mermaid which lived at Pungwe falls. The chief had his sacred alter in the mountain, along Nyamombe River where they would meet the mermaid as well as communicate with their spirit mediums. At one point the mermaid came out of water and took Nyanga’s family with it into the waters, living a few behind. It could have been a move to find some friends to live with since they had entered into a friendship pact. 5.Spiritual war in the Mountain prompted by the removal of the Nyanga lineage of chiefs.

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