Mtshana Khumalo was a revered commander of King Lobengula's Imbizo Regiment that defeated the Allan Wilson Patrol at the Battle of Pupu in 1893, as the first shots of colonial resistance were fired. He is set to be honoured by the government of Zimbabwe.[1]


General Mtshana Khumalo, was commander of the crack Imbizo regiment. He defeated Allan Wilson and his troops. Allan Wilson was honoured and the legacy is there for all to see. But our own Mtshana Khumalo the victor was not. Now Govt has honoured him with a National Hero status.[2]

Battle of Pupu in Lupane

On 4 December 1893, King Lobengula's army led strategist Mtshana Khumalo, killed Major Allan Wilson and his men at the Battle of Pupu in Lupane, blocking the attempted capture of the King by the colonialists. He was supported by other regiment commanders like Maqhekeni Sithole and Fusi Khanye. The whites grudgingly acknowledged Chief Mtshana as an astute military strategist who engineered the death of Allan Wilson and his patrol squad.


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