Mwenje Mathole

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Mwenje Mathole is a Zimbabwean musician and actor.


Mwenje Mathole was born in Gweru and grew up in Kwekwe in Midlands Province. He later moved to Harare for his first degree at the University of Zimbabwe.[1]


Mwenje Mathole holds an Honours in Theatre Arts degree from the University of Zimbabwe.[1][2]


Mathole was a finalist at the 2017 Dreamstar talent show.[2]

He released his debut album Musharukwa in 2020. Before releasing his debut album, Mwenje Mathole had worked with Naboth Mathole, Hughclaid Kalino, Masa Caroleen, Corny 3DKeys, JCMC (China), KJah Sound (Poland), Leonard Mapfumo, Alexio Kawara, Mono Mukundu, Victor Kunonga, Boss Gidza, Audinance Kuimba, Vion Music, Tafadzwa Chingono, Innocent Rugube and Jairos Hambahamba to mention but a few.[1]


As an actor, Mathole has featured in the theatre productions Mambo Shava, Spear Of Love, Ndure, Inside Out, Tokwe Mukosi, The Storm and Harvest Of Thorns.[1]



  • Musharukwa (2020)


Mwenje Mathole - Baba na Amai
Mwenje Mathole - Team Mwenje.
Mwenje Mathole - Jeremiya20V9(RSV) - [Album : MUSHARUKWA]


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