Mxolisi Ncube

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Mxolisi Ncube is a South African based Zimbabwean journalist who writes for 'The Zimbabwean. Ncube rose to prominence in 2014 when he together with another journalist Mkhululi Chimoio were reported to be the characters behind the popular Baba Jukwa Facebook page. Ncube however dismissed the allegations though email details hacked by unknown assailants and published by New linked him to be one of the administrators of the Facebook page.

Baba Jukwa Allegations

It is believed computer hackers took control of the e-mail account,, and locked out its owners last year, though the administrators opened another account to continue operating. In May 2014 the hackers alleged managed to break into the account and showed pictures videos and communications between Ncube nad Chimoio which allegedly revealed their true identity (Baba Jukwa).[1] Since Ncube once worked as a Zimbabwe Republic Police as a public Relations personnel, it was alleged he might have access to secrets that were posted on Baba Jukwa's page. The irony of the matter is that Ncube and his accomplice allegedly admitted to fabricating most of the information on the page. The pro government paper, Herald reported that the two did this to cast the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF) and its leadership to prop up support the Movement for Democratic Change.[2]


Ncube said he was being targeted because he used to interview Baba Jukwa.

I think they have been out to get us because we used to interview him (Baba Jukwa), so they thought we knew him, but we wish we did. On two occasions my emails and Facebook accounts were hacked. But let me tell you this now, nothing ever links me to that Jukwa character, though my Yahoo account suddenly got the Baba Jukwa name when you send stuff to it, he said.[3]


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