National Youth Day (Zimbabwe) - 21 February

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National Youth Day
Official nameRobert Mugabe National Youth Day
Observed byZimbabwe
SignificanceBirthday of Robert Mugabe
Date21 February

National Youth Day legally known as Robert Mugabe National Youth Day is a national holiday in Zimbabwe celebrated in Zimbabwe on 21 February on the birthday of former president Robert Mugabe. The holiday was announced on the 18th of August 2017. Before it was gazetted as a holiday on 24 November 2017, the birthday was referred to as 21st February Movement.

Statutory Instrument

Statutory Instrument Gazetted on 24 November 2017, establishing 21 February as National Youth Day


Criticism of Robert Mugabe National Youth Day

Opposition parties criticised the holiday saying that there was nothing to celebrate about Mugabe's birthday as he had impoverished and destroyed the dreams of many youths.

Obert Gutu, the MDC-T statement said:

It is an insult to the suffering and toiling youths of Zimbabwe to declare February 21 as a National Youth Day. What has Robert Mugabe done for the youths besides trashing their dreams and destroying their hopes and aspirations through decades of misrule, mismanagement of the national economy and rampant corruption? We trust that a truly democratic and progressive government in Zimbabwe will move in very swiftly to scrap out this ill-deserved and fascist public holiday called the Robert Mugabe National Youth Day. [1]

NCA spokesperson Madock Chivasa said:

There is no need to have a holiday to appreciate effort made by an individual who is responsible for destroying our economy. President Mugabe ruined this country and has caused untold suffering to majority of poor Zimbabweans and it remains an insult for all of us to honour him for his misguided and destructive policies. [1]


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