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Nehemiah Mutendi
Nehemiah Mutendi
PredecessorSamuel Mutendi

Nehemiah Mutendi is a Zimbabwean born religious figure who is the leader of the Zion Christian Church (ZCC) one of the biggest locally initiated churches in the country.


Mutendi was born in 1939.

Work History

Mutendi is a former teacher. He was also director of a company called Whitepark Limited which was launched in 2002.[1]

Religious career

With the title Bishop, Mutendi was appointed leader of the Zion Church after the death of its founder Samuel Mutendi in 1976. As the leader of the church, Mutendi has the responsibility of taking forward the so-called Zion City Dream of the founding fathers of the church which strives towards philanthropy, education and health service centres for its people. Bishop Mutendi was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Zimbabwe in 2012 for leading the faith-based organisation into a development and spirituality brand it is today.[2]

At present, the Zion Church has grown to be one of the biggest locally initiated churches in Zimbabwe. It has followers in most parts of the country. The church has also established annex churches overseas in countries such as the United Kingdom. The church has thousands of followers. It is known for its somewhat unique music which includes the use of indigenous percussion instruments such as drums and trumpets. The church is also known for its barefoot dances which along with the beating of drums and backing voices to give it a true orchestra sound.

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