Nelson Mawema

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Nelson Takawira Mawema was an early political activist, who spent most of the 1970s in detention. He was elected to the House of Assembly in 1980.

  • 1960 - Secretary, Senka Branch, Gwelo (Gweru), NDP.
  • 1965 - Youth secretary, Highfield Branch, NDP.
  • 1968 - Member, Central Party.
  • 1972 - Member, NDP Executive.
  • 1977 - Organising secretary, Zanu.
  • 1980 - elected House of Assembly, Victoria Province (Masvingo), Zanu.
  • 1980 - Deputy Minister, Roads and Road Traffic, Posts and Telecommunications. Zimbabwe. [1]

Personal Details

Born: 15 May 1937. Gutu.
Father was dipping tank supervisor. Religious, Dutch Reformed Church. Six boys, two girls. Marriage: to Gamuchirayi.

School / Education

Chitsa Primary School in Gutu, then Lozekeyi in Bulawayo.
Tegwani High School, a year of work, Fletcher High School, Gweru.
A South African Commercial Correspondence College.

Service / Career

1960 - NDP Branch secretary. Detentions.
1963 to 1965 - In Wha Wha. Met Robert Mugabe there.
Travelling salesman for book company. Combined with travelling Zanu representative, doing mobilisation.
1965/66 - Football organisations.
1968 - Multiracial Centre Party formed by Pat Bashford. Joined.
March 1977 - Detained.
December 1979 - Released.

In the 1990 Parliamentary Election (see A History of Zimbabwean Elections) Gutu East returned to Parliament:

  • Ephraim Marwizi of Zanu PF with 8 865 votes,
  • Nelson Mawema of Zanu PF with 5 951 votes.

Turnout - 15 367 voters or 41.91 %


Further Reading

Save Valley Conservancy

On 6 September 2014 - Zanu PF Save Valley ‘looters’ named

Senior Zanu PF officials and securocrats who were given concessions in the famed Save Valley Conservancy, in a move that has divided the party and invited fresh threats of sanctions against the country, have been exposed.

Walter Mzembi said handing out parts of conservancies to party activists was threatening the hosting of United Nations World Tourism Organisation General Assembly, for 2015, in Victoria Falls. According to documents with Newsday, those named:


among others.
Chiredzi South MP Ailess Baloyi claimed he had been elected the new Save Valley Conservancy chairman. [2]

Then September 2014 - Zanu PF bigwigs booted out of Save Conservancy Among the beneficiaries allegedly ejected from Save Valley Conservancy:

Government has served them with letters cancelling the 25-year leases they were issued under the wildlife-based land reform programme. [3]

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