Nevernay Chinyanga

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Nevernay Chinyanga
Nevernay Chinyanga
DiedNovember 5, 2010
  • Actor
  • Musician
Spouse(s)Tafadzwa Tema
ChildrenTendai Chinyanga, Tatenda Chinyanga, Tinotendaishe Chinyanga, Tinovongaishe Chinyanga, Thembi Chinyanga, Thandi Chinyanga
RelativesAnyway Chinyanga

Nevernay Chinyanga was a Zimbabwean actor mostly known for his role as Muvengwa in Studio 263. He was also a musician.


Chinyanga was born on a Thursday in September 1960. He did his primary education at Mashambanhaka Primary School but transferred to Morris Primary School in 1976. It was at Morris High that he did his secondary education but eventually finished his studies at Mugabe High School in 1983 due to financial setbacks. He was married to Tafadzwa with whom they had three sets of twins.[1] Chinyanga was also married to Lucy who is late and the couple had a son Nathan who was run over by a car and died on the spot in 1995.

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Chinyanga as he was popularly known broke into the limelight on local drama series Studio 263 where he was featured as the husband of Sipilisiwe Pretty Xaba. In that role, Chinyanga played the role of a wealthy businessman unfaithful to his wife by having an extra marital affair with Bev Chipo Bizure. He was also known for his use of shona idioms and proverbs in the tv series. Apart from his role in Studio 263, featured on another local series called Tiriparwendo.[2] Apart from a flourishing career in acting, Chinyanga was also into music and managed to release a few songs which were followed up by videos.


Chinyanga died on 5 November 2010 in South Africa where he had been receiving treatment for diabetes and heart complications. His body was repatriated to Zimbabwe where he was buried. Financial contributions to have his body repatriated were called for by his wife and the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe, Godwin Mawuru and others helped.



Mhashu yemurwere


Before joining the army, Chinyanga was a divinity teacher at Nyadire Mission.


Chinyanga was a former member of the Zimbabwe National Army


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