Neville Wamambo

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Neville Wamambo
Known forHigh Court Judge

Neville Wamambo is a Zimbabwean legal practitioner and a Judge of the High Court of Zimbabwe. He was appointed in December 2017 by the president Emmerson Mnangagwa after having been interviewed by the Judicial Services Commision.


Neville Wamambo attended Zunga Primary School in Masvingo from 1976 to 1983, and he was a member of the school choir. He then went to Victoria High School for his O-level and A-level education, he was a member of the drama club. In 1984 Wamambo was enrolled at the University of Zimbabwe where he studied a degree in Law.


  • Wamambo was employed by the Ministry of Justice in June 2007 as a Prosecutor. His duties were preparing and drafting indictments, Representing the State in criminal trials, criminal appeals, bail applications.Advising the police and other stakeholders in criminal matters.Drafting opinions on issues raised on review
  • IEG Musimbe and Partners employed Wamambo in June 2006 to May 2007 as a legal practitioner. His job description included drafting agreements of sale and deeds of transfer, brokering mergers, negotiations, representing clients in civil and criminal cases.
  • The Ministry of Industry and International Trade Zimbabwe employed Neville Wamambo in January 2004 to May 2006 as a legal advisor. His duties were providing legal advice to officials within the ministry, liaising with the Attorney Generals office other ministries and parastatals aligned to the ministry, drafting legislation on behalf of the ministry, drafting legal opinions
  • In July 1993 to January 2004 Wamambo worked for the Ministry of justice legal and Parliamentary affairs Zimbabwe as a public prosecutor and he was responsible for preparing and drafting charges and prosecuting cases before the various courts to wit magistrates court, regional court and High Court, answering queries raised on review,.attending to appeal cases before the high and Supreme Courts, giving legal advice on criminal matters to the police and other stakeholders, perusal of crime dockets and inquest records referred to the attorney generals office.[1]


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