News:Breaking: Magistrate Throws Out Evan Mawarire's Case. Cites Violation of Constitution

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Evan Mawarire's case has been thrown out. The Magistrate arrived at this verdict citing that he had not been charged with the charge that he faced in court at the police station.

Mawarire was initially charged with "inciting public violence and disturbing peace" but the charge was changed to subverting a constitutionally elected government at the time of the trial. Mawarire’s lawyer Harrison Nkomo complained against this and cited unprofessionalism and an ambush by the State. Nkomo cited the case of Jestina Mukoko who was abducted. The state opposed bail and advised Mawarire to go to the High Court arguing his case was now a 3rd Schedule crime. When the Magistrate asked for warned and cautioned statement concerning the new charges, the State argued there was no 'warned and cautioned' statement for the fresh charges as the facts were the same as those for the initial charge. After hearing the state’s and defendant’s arguments court was adjorned and the ruling was set to be delivered by 5:30pm.

Many people came in solidarity among them popular figures such as Shingi Munyeza, Nelson Chamisa, Takesure Zamar Ncube, Tehn Diamond and Tudor Bismark. The bulk of the people came from the church and religious circles taking Mawarire’s profession into consideration. There were prayers for Pastor Evan and people were encouraged not to engage in the use of violence as a means of getting their point(s) across. There were delays to the start of his trial with him appearing before being returned to Harare Central Police Station before appearing in a white corolla with tinted windows. The Investigating officer who handled the case forgot the affidavit and had to return to Harare Central to get it.

The Magistrate presiding over the case delivered the verdict well after 6pm since he took long to come back after court had adjorned at 5:30pm

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