News:Chiwenga Says Zimbabwe's Economy Is Recovering

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<vote /> Speaking to the Sunday Mail in an interview the Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, General Constantino Chiwenga commented on the economic and political developments of the country.

He mentioned that Zimbabwe is recovering despite facing hyperinflation in 2008,

Yes, politically there were difficulties. This is why the country for the first time had to go into an inclusive Government with the opposition, and I don’t think I have to go into details on that one. We also had hyperinflation, and no country can parallel Zimbabwe, except Germany during the Weimar Republic and they did not get to where Zimbabwe was in 2008 …There is light at the end of the tunnel in terms of our economy. We are now striving to make sure that our infrastructure is built up, our industry and our manufacturing sector are fully operational. We are now on track when it comes to mining, and the only problem we are facing currently is the depressed prices of metal prices; but the price of gold is coming up and we are quite happy with that. . .This is not going to be for long, it is just a passing phase.

He also said that Government was working towards restoring Zimbabwe’s regional bread-basket status,

We are saying never again will we go to buy food outside the country. Never again will our country go hungry. We have the capability to produce enough for our people and to have reserves, and also have extra to sell to other countries and return our bread basket status.

Chiwenga also commented on the recovery of the economy,

Some people don’t realise that what the country went through takes time to recover from, but we are lucky that we have managed to bounce back within a very short time. We are on the right track and we are moving forward as we would expect, despite a few teething problems which are a passing phase.

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