News:Chombo warns local and foreign demonstrators. Speaks on support for Evan Mawarire during trial

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<vote /> Speaking to the Herald Home Affairs Minister Dr Ignatius Chombo took time to speak against foreign and local demonstrators. Chombo commented on the recent protests by Zimbabweans in the United Kingdom who protested against Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa, (read story here).

Speaking on the demonstrations in the diaspora by Zimbabweans against the government, Chombo said

“The so-called asylum seekers in the United Kingdom and United States of America are on the forefront, fomenting hate messages against Government contrary to so-called human rights views that they purport to be advancing"</.blockquote> He also went on to comment on the white people that came out in support of Evan Mawarire during his trial, ([read about Mawarire's trial the story here]). Chombo said

It is interesting to note that some former white farmers, and company executives went to the extent of attending Evan Mawarire’s appearance in court and chanting out solidarity messages with him. Some of the former white farmers and individuals went on to record and post videos on the internet inciting the public not to cooperate with authorities in Zimbabwe and stay at home. This hypocrisy should stop forthwith. No one from the white community has openly denounced the debilitating sanctions, which were imposed on the country by the Western world. I want to categorically tell them that their regime change agenda machinations will not work.

Chombo said Government had noted that some private schools had sent pupils back home after they had reported for lessons yesterday morning.

He said

“May I accordingly advise parents that they are at liberty to claim their money from these trust or private schools authorities. Acts of economic sabotage will not be tolerated."

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