News:Fuel given away cheap as Harare's Floyd station fails to renew license

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<vote /> Car at fuel station Floyd fuel station in Harare's Leopold Takawira street

There was commotion in Leopold Takawira Street as cars queued up to buy 20 litres of fuel for $3,50 at Floyd Service Station in Harare. There was also heavy police presence in the form of riot police.

police at fuel station Police buying fuel

Sources revealed that Floyd fuel station was caught with no licence a month ago which resulted in Zera impounding the fuel today and auctioning it off. According to Zera regulations, fuel stations are normally given a 6 month grace period to renew annual license but the regulatory authority came earlier this year and caught the owners of the fuel station unaware.

Cars queing Cars queuing to buy fuel

Commotion at Floyd Traffic jam as cars queue for cheap fuel

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