News:Gono gives his opinion concerning bond notes

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<vote /> Former RBZ Governor Gideon Gono has broken his silence concerning Mangudya's decision to introduce bond notes.

Gono defended Mangudya saying he was merely trying to tackle problems unique to his time. Gono said that,

"The governor is receiving unfair attacks and brickbats from across the board and my hope is that he does not get discouraged. I do, as I think my predecessors also do, understand and support him even if we have not met to share ideas since he took office due to mutually busy diaries. No predecessor wants his successor to fail, and I’m no different. He (Mangudya) is operating in a different era from mine and no two periods are the same.”

He also highlighted that he sincerely hoped that the bond notes would solve Zimbabwe's current economic problems,

"I always hold Zimbabwe’s economy and the well-being of all its people very dear and close to my heart such that I hope and pray that the proposed measures (bond notes) work to avoid Zimbabwe sliding into another casino status number two; this time round, in US$ terms. I think we need to delve deeper than we have done so far in finding and prescribing solutions to avoid curing symptoms only instead of the real causes of our current liquidity problems."

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