News:Gonyeti Reveals Why She Left Jah Prayzah's Band

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<vote /> Speaking to the Sunday Mail, Jah Prayzah's former dancer Pamela Zulu (Gonyeti) revealed the reasons behind her leaving Third Generation and launching her solo career.

In the interview she mentions the issue of money,

Of course we had disagreements especially over money. The monies we agreed on when I joined the band, when the band was charging less for shows have gone down instead of up. Others got more, of course, but it was still fine. The departure of Mai Shinda (Mother Filda aka Mama Filo), was the turning point in the welfare of band members. These days certain shows we do we are told it is for charity and we do not get a single penny. Where we had agreed US$60 per show sometimes they give us half or so. It is so disheartening after lifting those boots through four sometimes five shows in three days.

Apart from the issue of payment, Gonyeti also reveals that Jah Prayzah ill-treats his band members,

We were in a fix. When we go out of town we all get into that Baby Quantum, everyone including the bouncers. Sometimes the marimba set is thrown in there, making things worse. But the worst of it is that most of the times there would be no accommodation, no food, no place even just to freshen up and relax before going on stage. They (Jah Prayzah and his closest) travel in comfort and sleep in luxury yet we toil.

She also dismissed the rumour that she walked out of the band because she was protesting being left out of the USA and Canada tour, and that she tried to incite a rebellion of the band members at the album launch,

I did not even want to speak to the media but that talk is precisely why I have come out to set the record straight. I went to the UK, I went to Australia, and I know how things work with promoters and all. Being angry about the tour is completely wrong and out of the question. But for two weeks that they were away on tour we did not get the monies that we had worked for. Other band members got their monies yet some of us were left out, so already its clear there can never be such a revolt of all band members. I just asked myself a simple question: Every time I go out people say ‘Gonyeti Gonyeti’ but what exactly am I toiling for besides the fame? Other bands are envious of us, especially when we return from tours but the truth is there is nothing to be envious of.

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