News:Government Releases July Pay Dates For Civil Servants

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<vote /> Government has released the pay dates for July salaries for civil servants. Most of the dates are within the month of July as opposed to last month where most sectors of the civil service got their June salaries in July. The health embarked on a stay away with teachers which resulted in the government shifting pay dates. (read story here) However despite the stay away teachers have not been given priority as they will receive their salaries in August. This time the health sector is prioritised over the police who traditionally get their salary after the Zimbabwe National Army.

Salary problems started in 2015 when the government announced new pay dates for civil servants. The trend for most government departments shifted from the traditional mid-month pay dates to month ends. This was met with disapproval from the civil servants. (read more on the story here)

Below are the proposed pay dates for civil servants:

  • Health Sector 27-July 2016
  • Zimbabwe Republic Police-29 July 2016
  • Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional services-29 July 2016
  • Education Sector-02 August 2016
  • Rest of the Civil Service -06 August 2016
  • Pensioners -12 August 2016
  • Grant Aided Institutions -16 August 2016

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