News:Government Says No Turning Back On Import Ban. Argues They Have Not Violated Any Law

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<vote /> Speaking on the sidelines of the burial of the late former top bureaucrat, Charles Utete on Tuesday, Industry minister Mike Bimha told NewsDay that government will not rethink concerning Statutory Instrument 64 of 2016 which bans a host of basic goods in a drive to promote local industries.

Despite facing protests at Beitbridge border post against the statutory instrument, Bimha said that government will not rethink the policy,

We will not have a rethink of a good policy, our job is to communicate to those that do not understand and teach them to do so.

Bimha went on to say that the government had not violated any international law,

We have not violated any regional or international protocol because the World Trade Organisation allows member countries that, when they realise import challenges, to resort to safeguard measures.

He also said that government would start consultations with local producers concerning prices,

We are not stopping here; we will now go into discussions with our local producers to have a relook at their product pricing models, as well as issues of quality. Our prices must be reasonable and the quality of the best standards.

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