News:Live Update: Nera Demo, ThisFlag (Pictures)

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Police setting dog on protesters.jpg

3:30PM: Police spraying a colored chemical on protesters in Harare's city centre. The city was deserted after police attacked protesters with water cannons and tear gas. You can see video here

3PM: The Harare city has been deserted after riot police attacked protesters with teargas and water cannons

2:30PM: Some shops in town have been looted. Including Innscor's Bakers Inn.

2PM: National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe Chairperson, Sten Zvorwadza has been arrested on allegations of inciting public violence. Zvorwadza was arrested at Harare Central Police station where he had gone to report as part of his bail conditions. #Tajakumuka spokesperson, Promise Mkwananzi was also reportedly arrested earlier on same allegations.

1PM: A copacabana flea market has been set on fire with the smoke showing from a distance in town.

The High Court granted an order for the National Electoral Reform Agenda (Nera), protests to proceed at 12 midday today. Zimbabwean police had however deployed heavily in and around the city with armoured riot vehicles patrolling the the Freedom Square are where the demonstration started. Police fired tear gas into the crowds resulting in running battles as usual.

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