News:MDC-T to take legal action over suspended Bulawayo Councillors

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<vote /> MDC-T has thrown its weight behind its five Bulawayo councillors including deputy mayor, Gift Banda, and threatened to take legal action against government to reverse their suspension. Banda and his fellow MDC-T Councillors were on Tuesday suspended by Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere on allegations of corruption. Kasukuwere said a government probe team recently deployed to Bulawayo implicated several Councillors in shady land deals and tender scams.

He said an independent tribunal will be constituted in the next two weeks to investigate the suspended Councillors and others who were not suspended, amid revelations that only five councillors had a clean bill. MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora yesterday dismissed the suspensions as politically-motivated and said that they were going to take legal action,

Definitely, we are going to court because the suspensions are politically-motivated and have nothing to do with alleged corruption. It is a way by Kasukuwere as political commissar of Zanu-PF to try and weaken the MDC-T in Bulawayo. We stand by our councillors and the deputy mayor and we know that a fair court will find them not guilty. It is Kasukuwere himself who is corrupt and he was fingerpointed by Mugabe recently as having engaged in corruption.

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