News:Minister Defends Import Ban. Says Ban Was Crafted After Recommendations From The Business Sector

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<vote /> Government is setting up a monitoring and evaluation team to assess the effects of Statutory Instrument 64 of 2016 on the business sector and make improvements according to recommendations from stakeholders.

The Statutory Instrument removed 42 products from the open general import licence, restricting their importation into Zimbabwe.

Responding to questions from players in the private sector at the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries SI64 breakfast meeting in Harare yesterday, Industry and Commerce Minister Mike Bimha said the statutory instrument was part of recommendations made by the private sector,

The Statutory Instrument 64 is part of recommendations from the business sector made 12 months ago. When I became minister, I consulted the private sector on what they thought could be done to address the challenges they were facing. We then involved other players in the industry such as the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries and the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce, among others, to identify products that would be put on the restriction list. Business associations also carried out another survey and identified products that were in sufficient quantities and that is how we crafted the SI 64.

The minister said it was important for business to highlight the unintended consequences of the policy.

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