News:Mugabe Calls For Unity. Tells Opposition Parties To Wait For Elections Instead Of Demonstrating

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Addressing thousands of people gathered at the National Heroes Acre to celebrate Heroes’ Day, President Robert Mugabe called for unity and peace among Zimbabweans,

We should remain united, remain cognisant of the fact that without unity we cannot make much progress. There will be divisions, quarrelling, fighting, violence and that is why things like protests don’t pay because usually they end up being violent protests. What benefit do you derive from conducting street protests only to show that you are violent? We don’t want that!

He went on to add that opposition parties should wait for elections rather than demonstrating,

Joining hands to foment chaos to effect regime change as is being done in some Arab countries will never be tolerated. Why not wait for elections. You don’t want to wait for them. But that’s democracy! I heard Tsvangirai calling for a coalition to stage protests to topple the Government. That shows that the opposition have no confidence in their own electoral chances against Zanu-PF.

He commended the country’s security sectors for maintaining law and order,

We praise them for the calm there has been, the peace there has been but we praise them also for fulfilling international obligations by subscribing members to both regional and international peace support operations. Thus, under the auspices of Sadc, African Union and United Nations our security forces continue to raise the Zimbabwean flag high.

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